Camera People counting system

How the Camera Counting System Works

  • Overhead closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera tracks people's movements.
  • Camera connects to a Video Turnstile people counter which accurately detects and records entries, exits, queues and waiting times.
  • People counters stream video and data to the PC over Wi-Fi, Internet, IP, Ethernet, RS485 or RS232.
  • Counts can be sent directly to a live sales (POS) database. (Read our blog post on how a leading retailer uses live counts and POS data to set rolling sales targets every quarter of an hour.)
  • Wide entrances and areas are handled by linking several cameras across the ceiling.
  • People are counted as they cross through a zone of the picture and exit up, down, left or right depending on your settings.
  • During setup you can watch the video and see exactly what the system is counting thus verifying the counts.
  • Log on and remotely control and configure the units from any internet-enabled computer in the world
  • Replay counting videos for off-site commissioning
  • Choose the time period over which counts are measured: every hour or every 5 minutes for example.
  • Change settings in software to optimise the count accuracy, for each door if necessary, for example
    • Deal with shadows and poor light
    • Set for crowd counting
    • Increase the sensitivity of the people detection

Set-up screen for a Camera Counting System

The video above shows the set-up screen for an outdoor counting position.
The green lines show the counting zone: people are not counted until they cross both of these lines.
The Up and Down counts are shown beneath the video.
The coloured blobs on the yellow background show how the system is seeing the people. Should the system not be counting accurately during the set-up process, you can optimise the settings: making adjustments for the size of the people in the picture for example.

Discuss your People Counting Needs

If you would like more information on using CCTV cameras to count people, and to find out if we can help with your people counting requirements, please e-mail us on [email protected], phone +44 (0)161 834 6688 or fill in our questionnaire.

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